February 2008 ARTlounge_Bahrain Confidential ArtLounge_Bahrain Confidential_February 2008
ARTlounge_launch ArtLounge_launch_February 2008
May 2008 ARTlounge 1_at The Gulf Hotel ArtLounge 1_at The Gulf Hotel_May 2008
October 2008 ARTlounge 2_at Banyan Tree Al Areen ArtLounge 2_at Banyan Tree Al Areen_October 2008
ARTlounge 2_Coverstory_Bahrain this month ArtLounge 2_Coverstory_Bahrain this month_October 2008
Piece by Piece_Fact Bahrain Piece by Piece_Fact Bahrain_October 2008
Ali Al Koofy_Gulf Weekly Ali Al Koofy_Gulf Weekly_October 2008
Ali Al Mahmeed_Gulf Weekly Ali Al Mahmeed_Gulf Weekly_October 2008
Balqees Fakhro_Bahrain Confidential Balqees Fakhro_Bahrain Confidential_October 2008
Balqees Fakhro_Gulf Weekly Balqees Fakhro_Gulf Weekly_October 2008
Faika Al Hassan_Gulf Weekly Faika Al Hassan_Gulf Weekly_October 2008
Fuad Albinfalah_Gulf Weekly Fuad Albinfalah_Gulf Weekly_October 2008
Kareema Taha_Gulf Weekly Kareema Taha_Gulf Weekly_October 2008
Khalil Hammad_Gulf Weekly Khalil Hammad_Gulf Weekly_October 2008
Lobna Al Amin_Gulf Weekly Lobna Al Amin_Gulf Weekly_October 2008
Nabeela Alkayer_Gulf Weekly Nabeela Alkayer_Gulf Weekly_October 2008
December 2008 ARTlounge 3_at Al Aali Shopping complex ArtLounge 3_at Al Aali Shopping complex_December 2008
Marion Labani_Arabian Homes Marion Labani_Arabian Homes_December 2008   Marion Labani_Arabian Homes_December 2008
Jaffar Al Oraibi_Bahrain Confidential Jaffar Al Oraibi_Bahrain Confidential_December 2008
January 2009 launch of a set of 10 postcards
available at Banyan Tree Al Areen
launch of a set of 10 postcards available at Banyan Tree Al Areen_January 2009
Khalil Hammad_Arabian Homes Khalil Hammad_Arabian Homes_January 2009   Khalil Hammad_Arabian Homes_January 2009
February 2009 Khalid Farhan_Arabian Homes Khalid Farhan_Arabian Homes_February 2009   Khalid Farhan_Arabian Homes_February 2009
March 2009 Stefanie de Vos_Arabian Homes Stefanie de Vos_Arabian Homes_March 2009   Stefanie de Vos_Arabian Homes_March 2009
April 2009 bilateral relations_Arabian Homes bilateral relations_Arabian Homes_April 2009   bilateral relations_Arabian Homes_April 2009
May 2009 ARTlounge 4 international_Arabian Homes ArtLounge 4 international_Arabian Homes_May 2009   ArtLounge 4 international_Arabian Homes_May 2009
Hassan Al Saari & Mohamed Al Mahdi_Clientele Hassan Al Saari & Mohamed Al Mahdi_Clientele_May 2009
June 2009 Wilfried Markus_Arabian Homes Wilfried Markus_Arabian Homes_June 2009   Wilfried Markus_Arabian Homes_June 2009
July 2009 Christian Ghammachi_Arabian Homes Christian Ghammachi_Arabian Homes_July 2009   Christian Ghammachi_Arabian Homes_July 2009
Faika Al Hassan_Clientele Faika Al Hassan_Clientele_July 2009